Good Morning my collegiate friends,

Last night, the sky put on a power display of thunderstorms, lightning bolts, and pounding rain.  The thunderstorms were loud enough to wake up the dead, and the lightning bolts were so bright it seemed as if there were hundreds of people flashing their cameras trying to take a picture in a dark room.  Not to mention the rain was pounding so hard, that cars on the side of the road were pulling off because their windshield wipers could not keep up with the rain.

During the storm, I was driving on the freeway, not trying to crash or get hit, and I could not take a picture or else I would.  The thunderstorm put on a show that no fireworks could impress me with.  (Even though Fourth of July is coming up, and I will take back these words cause the fireworks will impress me once again). Nevertheless, the storm was awesome, and it was one of the nights where you could sit in the garage and have a court side view and feel like you are right there.

The picture looks cool, and I wish I could have taken something this raw.

Have a great day, and go watch some fireworks. #Freedom

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