Too Early


Greetings from The Underworld

Today is a sad, sad day.  Why you ask.  Well, today I ordered my books for school, my parking permit, bought some supplies I so desperately needed for class, and I even went ahead and went school clothes shopping.  I seriously do not know why I did all of this.  Does anyone even still go school clothes shopping, since most students wear what they slept in anyways? I forgot that people buy clothes for the weekends and Thursday nights.  And, most people do not buy supplies anyway, they show up with their backpack and a pad of paper from freshmen year that still has tons of empty pages on it.  I guess I might be over prepared (whatever).

Ok well enough complaining about getting ready to go back to school.  The exciting thing about all of this is that I am done with it, and I do not have to worry about it in a couple weeks when I am trying to get ready to leave.  Speaking of that, at least my school does not start until August 25, where some high school start on the 13th (Sucks to suck high schoolers!).  

Thinking about school makes me mad, because I know that the first 8 am class on Monday morning is going to be boring, and it will seriously consist of looking at the syllabus and freaking me out with all the assignments, tests, and papers due for the upcoming semester.  I was thinking about how each semester usually goes, and this is what I have gathered.  

For the incoming freshmen, they will see that college is a different place, where they are on their own and surviving the everyday glory that college is. I think this is some good advice so here is a little breakdown of the sixteen week semester. The first few weeks are awesome, and consist of nothing other than finding out your schedule and if their is someone interesting to talk to during the course.  Then all of a sudden you have a test in the fourth week and have not prepared at all, because the professor assigns reading that you never do, because there is nothing to report back to the professor with.  After you bomb that test, your professor will tell you that college does not have extra credit (some do some don’t especially the lazy ones), and you will need to buckle down for the rest of the semester to salvage your grade in the class. By that time the mid term is coming up, and you have started to get into a scheduled routine and you may even have a study partner.  You take the exam in the eighth week and you do somewhat decent on it, so you go back home and feel a little bit better.  Then, my favorite part is when your professor emails you over your fall break expecting to receive a paper from you the following week.  But you have not started to even think about this paper, because this is not high school and professors do not remind you about anything (Jerks).  Eventually after three all-nighters the paper is finished and you turn it in, and realize it sucks compared to everyone in the class who spent the entire semester preparing. (just kidding about the last part, most people do it the last night and it looks like crap too, so do not feel too bad).  Pretty much, this semester has gone as planned, you have done decent in this 100 level course, met a few people that do not bore you, and your professor still does not care about you since you are a freshmen.  After the paper, your third exam will be coming up shortly at about the 12th week, and you are somewhat ready for it.  You understand the course a little bit better, but you really have not put much more effort into it, simply because you know this course is not too hard.  The good test score comes in, and now you decent grade is looking pretty good, and all you have left is the final!  The next few weeks are brutal, because every professor is cramming in material that they have forgotten or poorly planned to fit in for the first 15 weeks.  Prepare for the worst, because professors procrastinate too, they just do not admit to it.  Then you spend your last week of the semester pretending to study, but you end up looking forward to the holiday break, so your studying seems to be pointless.  You take one last look at the study guide before you take the test and pray for the best.  Your professor hands you the exam, and you immediately freak the hell out, because nothing on the study guide is the exam.  Panicking is normal in this situation, but remain calm, and try not to do anything stupid on the exam.  Students will soon start to leave, and you will be one of the last ones to finish, so you make up your mind that this test is stupid and you want to start your holiday break now, so you write in some bull crap on your test and leave the building as fast as possible.  This is a great decision.  A week later, your professor sends out an email to the class saying how poorly everyone did, so there is a curve, and your test is not looking too bad now.  You get your final grade, and BAM! You did not do too bad.  So two years go by, and you look back and think that you did not even need this course.  Wow!

This is how a semester is typically goes.  I know this is way too early to start to think about it, but hey, I wanted to rant about something.  

Thanks for the read and get some last summer memories while you can!

Casinos and Losing Money


Good Afternoon Amigos

Last night I ran myself into a bit of bad luck.  Well not entirely, I only lost $67.   But I fought hard to lose all that money.  I went with a few of my high school friends, and we made this into a monthly trip (so we don’t get addicted, sike too late).  Nevertheless, gambling is fun.

The first time we went, we won a little bit of money, nothing higher than $50, so it sort of felt like we were the next Rain Man team.  Once again just kidding, we are a bunch of college morons thinking we are high rollers winning $10 on a blackjack table.  It did make us feel small when the max bet was $500 and we were only putting down $10 at a time.

The gambling experience is real. Every stereotype exists from the crazy person who believes in the casino gods to the intoxicated gambler who hits when he had a 18 or higher on blackjack. Then you have the dealer who goes super fast and makes you a little nervous to make your decision, and even the cocktail girls who try to get your money too.  If you couldn’t already tell, I pretty much only played blackjack. Video poker and slots were too boring, I couldn’t tell if I was winning or not, and it didn’t feel like I was using real money.  Hey, some people like them, and my friend won $40 on them so I guess you have to be patient.

My recomendation is when you get back to campus, get some friends and make a trip to a state that has gambling and go for it.  Also, do not gamble money you are not willing to lose.  Fortunately I had enough money I could lose and I did.  Make the trip, have some fun, and hopefully when money.

On a different note, I want everyone to look twice for motorcycles.  One article I read shared the story of a person hitting a motorcyclist and killing them, while the driver in the car drove off. Please be aware.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the weekend!

I Work Out (sometimes)


What is Happening World

Beach body season, wedding season, boating season, laying out in the sun season, mowing the lawn season are just a few of the reasons to work out.  Whether you are in it for cardio, muscle building, or staying in shape, working out is a great way to look good for these so called seasons.  OR one reason to work out is to come back in shape for school in the fall and impress somebody you have been eyeing on for a couple years (or whatever).

An easy workout is to go for a walk around the block a few times in the evening.  Remember those long walks across campus, yea it would not be a bad time getting in shape for those walks.  That first week will be hot and you will be walking a few miles a day so get ready for it.

Then another exercise could be carrying that heavy backpack full of books (or whatever else you are carrying on a weekend).  So start doing some exercises to strengthen up that back cause you do not want to be sore that week.

While school may only be a month and a half away, it is always a good time to work out for school.  12 oz curls are acceptable as long as you are of age or if it is a pop, soda, whatever it is.  Then do not forget to start doing some mental exercises so you brain can be at top shape for the first week.  I recommend reading that accounting book you have already purchased so you can stay ahead of your work (ok just kidding, you will not want to do that cause you will just get sick of the book before school starts).  Seriously, read a little bit, go online and see what your major or field of study is doing in the current events and learn a little bit.

So on summer break, work on that physical exercise and do some mental exercise as well.  One more thing, if you like watching home runs, the MLB All-Star Home Run Derby is on tonight so check it out.


Oh You Fancy, huh


Whats up whats up

Ok so it is the summer and and by my calculation the weather indicates that it is time to bring out the fancy cars.  I’m talking about the old school collectibles, the convertibles, the sports cars, and all the above.  Personally, I enjoy seeing the Corvettes with the top down and the Camaro SS.  There is something about the nice weather and driving past a sweet car that makes you want to jump in it and take a joy ride (sike just kidding, just have a friend who has one and drive theirs haha).

These are not the most expensive cars or even the most desired, but they make my long commute to work a little better, when I get to stare at them and pretend to drive one.  Plus they make the boring paved road look a little more exciting.  Then, seeing them in a big city makes the car and skyscrapers come together like the perfect movie car scene.

All I wanted to do was say thanks for all the big spenders out there who have the desirable cars that give me a few minutes to enjoy the nice view.




Good Morning my collegiate friends,

Last night, the sky put on a power display of thunderstorms, lightning bolts, and pounding rain.  The thunderstorms were loud enough to wake up the dead, and the lightning bolts were so bright it seemed as if there were hundreds of people flashing their cameras trying to take a picture in a dark room.  Not to mention the rain was pounding so hard, that cars on the side of the road were pulling off because their windshield wipers could not keep up with the rain.

During the storm, I was driving on the freeway, not trying to crash or get hit, and I could not take a picture or else I would.  The thunderstorm put on a show that no fireworks could impress me with.  (Even though Fourth of July is coming up, and I will take back these words cause the fireworks will impress me once again). Nevertheless, the storm was awesome, and it was one of the nights where you could sit in the garage and have a court side view and feel like you are right there.

The picture looks cool, and I wish I could have taken something this raw.

Have a great day, and go watch some fireworks. #Freedom

No Belgian Waffles


Good Morning America!

Remember today The United States Men’s National Team is playing Belgium today at 4 et.  Show your support by not eating any Belgium Waffles.  Wear your red, white, and blue bring out your American flag, take off work or school and watch the game.  Winning this game will put them into the quaterfinals for the first time since 2002.



Everyday thousands of thoughts come through our mind. When we wake up everyday, we think about sleeping in a few extra minutes and not going to work or school.  Then, we wonder about what we want to do about food, and then we might fall into one of our routines, where we do not even have to think about what we do next.  Instead of falling into this routine, I want every student out there to think differently and mix it up.  Change the way you think about your day.  Wake up anticipating the day for whatever may come.

If you have a dream pursue it.  This is your college life right here…this is it..give it all you got.  You will see your friends fall into this routine and wait for something to fall into their life.  They want that safe, secure job after school that will give them a decent salary.  Well, you can be different, you can create that opportunity for yourself.  Tomorrow is a new day, remember your mistakes from yesterday, and challenge yourself to be a better person for today.

If you cannot stop thinking about it, DO NOT stop pursuing it!

For all you college students out there, prepare yourself to think different.  Change your attitude and effort and amazing things will happen.




The Interview


Good Afternoon College

Last week I posted about 22 Jump Street, and during the previews they showed a James Franco, Seth Rogen movie titled The Interview.  When I watched the preview my reaction was, “Wow, I cannot believe they are making this movie, serously.” If you do not know what this movie is, it is about an interview those two set up with King Jong-Un, and the CIA wants them to use the interview as a way to assassinate him.  I really did not think much about this other than that this is really crazy, and it is probably going to make some people mad over there in North Korea.  Then, I thought that I cannot believe that any movie producing company would green light this for obvious controversial reasons.  Again, it is a James Franco, Seth Rogen film and they would never say no to one oftheir ideas since it will probably make a good amount of money.

Today, I was reading on Yahoo News and the first article that caught my eye was “North Korea’s take on new US movie: ‘Act of war.'” GREAT! Well, go figure, North Korea cannot take a joke about having their leader assassinated. Just Kidding, I would be angered too if someone made a movie about killing our president (whether we like him or not).  Seriously, war, if that is what it takes for them to want to start a war with someone is a joke about killing their leader, then they need to take a chill pill.  North Korea is known for going after governments of the countries instead of the actual people or companies that speak against North Korea.  This is the case here, where North Korea wants to kill all of us Americans, instead of just Seth, James, and Evan Goldberg.

Kim’s father was a big movie guy and even had a South Korean film director kidnapped to make movies for him.  I am sure Kim’s father (if he were still alive) would actually love to see a movie about his son being killed instead of him.  All jokes aside, he probably would want to be still alive to watch this film. Maybe, Kim Jong-un will actually enjoy the movie, and then he can share a laugh in the outrageous way that those two will try to kill him.  I am not sure if he actually knows how to laugh (it is a crime punishable from five years to death if you laugh in that country).

Kim Jong-un should be honored that Hollywood is making a movie about him.  The movie is going to draw tons of attention, which the dictator enjoys, and also, he will be forever be known to be the dictator that got killed by Seth Rogen. I hope Seth does kill him that would be funny. Do not forger to check out the trailer to see what you think. Honestly, I cannot wait to see this movie, I will probably be wearing a USA shirt when I watch it.  #backtobackWORLDWARchamps

Remember, TEAM USA plays tomorrow against Germany for a bid to the knockout stage in soccer.  Thanks for reading, subscribe and keep checking in for our posts!

World Cup Fever USA!


What Up World

I hope everyone had a splendid weekend, and spent some quality time away from the real world.  Most of my friends and I spent the weekend watching soccer, and we were waiting for the big USA game. (We are actually soccer fans not every four years) But hey if you are soccer fans for one month then that is great!

So the world cup is midway through group play, and the next round is about set with only a few more teams deciding their fate.  Well USA is one of those teams deciding their fate.  They played a great game against Portugal and should have won! Unfortunately, Portugal played up until the final seconds and Ronaldo hit a timely cross to even up the game.  Even with the draw USA still sits at the top of the group play and needa only a draw or win to advance. Or they need Ghana and Portugal to draw.  USA sits in a good spot but you never know in this world cup.

Clint Dempsey is a legend for the soccer team.  He should be recognized as an American hero for his performances in big games.  I am a huge Dempsey fan, and I am glad he is back in the MLS so I can see him play again.  He is playing great and so is everyone else on the team. Bradley stepped up last game, and all the substitutions made were on the money.  There are many more guys who have stepped up, but I’ll keep it simplem.

The next game is a big one against Germany.  If you have free time, I want everyone watching and supporting our team.  They can really pull this off and make history by making it to back to back knockout stages. So the reason why I posted this is to get some support for the next game. I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win! Go to your local bar, watch with some friends, tweet at them #USMNT, do what you gotta do!

When the saints come marching in! USA USA USA

22 Jump Street


The World of College Students

Last night, we saw 22 Jump Street with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  Most of you students love their movies and 21 Jump Street was awesome, so why not make another one.  It had to be a good sequel too, or else Jonah Hill would not do it, because he only does good movies. Right? 

From the end of the first movie, Ice Cube said that they were going off to college, and that means everyone is excited, because college is so amazing, since there are parties, football, art, intellectual people and other college stuff.  Well, this movie made college better than it actually is, but nevertheless it was still pretty accurate.  Football kids drinking, art students hanging out in their art building, and that was pretty much all they showed.  The dorm sizes were actually accurate so that was a first for the movie industry, since they usually show dorms to make them look like suites.  Ok so the movie was hilarious, there were parts that we were laughing so hard we were practically crying.  Ice Cube has a much larger role, so expect to hear some vulgar language, cause if there was a number one overall rated  person for cussing, he would be in the running for it.  Jonah Hill plays the perfect college student, the one awkward kid who tries to fit in too hard, and makes a bad impression on everyone.  Then, Channing is the athletic super awesome party hard jock.  The stereotypes are there, and they actually match real life college students… Maybe.  It was fun to watch, since it makes you want to live a crazier life in college. The end is priceless, since it gets out of hand, it is utter chaos which makes the movie better.   Go out watch the movie, rent it when it comes out, it is worth the watch.

Thanks for reading!

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